How does it work?

​We’ll start with a “Brand Strategy Personified” Worksheet to identify your target market, your “brand” voice and year one goals and a Digital Marketing Audit. From there we’ll create your set-up plan and ongoing marketing/support plan. For the latter, we meet you where you are. We can do things for you, or train you how on a variety of marketing tactics, to keep you moving forward.

​Brand-Booster Starter Package

This includes all of the basics you will need to have a strong, professional presence online. Includes:

  • Brand Strategy Personified and Digital Audit
  • New WordPress Website* (with first year hosting)
  • Written descriptions of Business, Personal Bio, Services (for website and social media profiles)
  • Set up on four social media platforms (Choose from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram)
  • Email marketing template/Mailing list sign-up form (Mailchimp or Constant Contact)
  • First year domain registration (if needed.)

 *Beautiful site with most functionality you will need, including blogging, social media integration, SEO, etc. Sites with additional functionality (e-commerce, customer login, etc.) will be estimated based on your needs.

​Marketing A-la-Carte (add-ons to above package)

  • New Logo/Visual Identity (with brand guidelines for colors and fonts)
  • Branded Videos (intro video and three additional topic/service specific videos)
  • Stock Photography
  • Original Photography

In-Real-Life (IRL) Marketing

  •  Public Relations/Media Outreach

  • Speaking Engagement (Booking, Planning)

  • Event Planning


  • Marketing Coaching

  • DIY Training (per session—Blogging; Social Media)

  • Workshops

Ongoing/Monthly Services (6 month minimum commitment)

  • Blogging/Writing/Editing/Posting
  • Social Media Posting and Engagement
  • Monthly eNews
  • In Real Life Outreach (Speaking Engagements; Media, Promotion)
  • Custom Marketing needs​

Intercultural Services

  • Intercultural Strategy and Communications to Diversify your Audience
  • Multicultural Marketing
  • Diversity & Inclusion, Cultural Agility Training (with Partner Executive Diversity Services)

 You Choose
Consulting services available individually at an hourly rate.

You may not have grown up with technology, but you won't grow old without it. I empower people to adapt and thrive, realize their dreams in a world that has changed with digital, intercultural and real-world marketing.

It's an intercultural world.

Intercultural Marketing 

Digital and Real Life Marketing