Chesley is a former rising star local news anchor who shared the desk with the likes of Jerry Springer, who has strong name recognition and a proven track record of success as evidenced by earning top viewership.

She is a dedicated spokesperson eager to represent fashion, lifestyle, entertainment, arts events and organizations.

But, in the world of digital and social media, and as Emma Stone pointed out to Michael Keaton in Birdman, if you are not online…you don’t exist!


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Lauren Chesley; stuffoflifeblog
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This is fantastic!!!!! Thank you!!! Perfect!!!!  
You're amazing!!!! I love love is so compelling and honest!

That is what Lauren Chesley a “post-50 Lifestyle blogger” who is telling her story of emptying the nest along with her last child, picking up and relocating from Cincinnati to Chicago to launch her new life and career, has to say about her work with Intercultural Talk.

Intercultural Talk solved this problem for Chesley and the Stuff of Life Blog with a full suite of branded online platforms and including: website blog
Stuff of Life Blog Facebook Page
@LaurenChesley Twitter
StuffofLifeBlog YouTube page
LinkedIn Professional Profile

With strategic use of Facebook promoted page advertising Chesely’s Facebook page went from 0 to 700 in a flash and continues to grow within her target market. Her blog posts easily garner upwards of 1.5K each week, and all of her digital platforms are tied together by a new logo and consistent branding as a bright, dynamic, brave woman who is sharing both the literal and figurative “stuff of life.”  

Join Lauren to discover “The Stuff of Life,” which she characterizes as “the issues confronting an entire generation: sex, marriage, divorce, healthy living, lifestyle, empty nest syndrome, financial freedom. These are the same issues facing me and so many others as we prepare for a new mid-life.”

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Lauren Chesley 

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