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Intercultural Talk Launches New Website, New Video Strategy and YouTube Channel, for Executive Diversity Services

A year ago Executive Diversity Services (EDS) switched its website from WordPress to Wix. The lure of Wix is that it is free and professes to offer an easy drop-n-drag format so that anyone can set one up.

In the end, EDS ended up with a site that indeed looked good, but almost as a show window in front of an empty store. In making the switch from WordPress to Wix the company lost the SEO it had built up over the years.

EDS turned to Intercultural Talk, Inc. (IT), to solve the problem. IT created strategy and put together a formidable and affordable team, with one8web for web design and development and StS Productions for video filming, editing and production. Designer Tom Deja of Bossman Graphics added branded video bumpers to pull everything together.

The result is a dynamic new website full of videos telling the story of Executive Diversity Services, discussing the business case for Diversity & Inclusion, insights into the intersection of social justice and cultural competence work and more. Plus, a full YouTube channel for maximum exposure on the website, offering links for social media and multiple opportunities for exposure across the web.

“These videos are a great way to understand the depth of services that Executive Diversity Services provides,” says Elmer Dixon, President of Executive Diversity Services. The need for the types of services EDS offers will become critical in 2017: diversity strategy, leadership development and training in diversity & inclusion, unconscious bias and intercultural conflict management and more. “Companies may find themselves more challenged by inappropriate behavior in the new political environment. “EDS has a training program, “When Zero Tolerance Isn’t Enough” on how to create environments that are inclusive.

See the website at www.executivediversity.com or visit and subscribe to Elmer Dixon’s YouTube Channel.

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